Encon an established brand of professionally managed Groups manufacturing energy efficient axial flow FRP fan of different industrial application since 1989 and more than 9000 units are working successfully.

For Tea Weithering Troughs :Encon brand Fiber Glass reinforced plastic Fans that reduces power consumption and gives required air flow.


  1. Polypax coating provided to resist ultra violet degradation and abrasion resistance facilitating better life with zero drop inefficiency for continuous operation.

  2. State of the art technology FRP blade aerodynamically designed Fans with involvement from Scientist of Aerospace Eng and Indian Institute of Science (Bangalore) using CAD methods.

  3. Encon blades are only a third the weight of most metal blades. Weight is concentrated around the centre of Fan which reduces motor/Gear drive bearing wear and tear and thus cuts the maintenance cost.

  4. Airfoil blades virtually eliminate motor overloading and thus burning due to aerodynamic design.

  5. HUB Assembly and Fan Blades are factory dynamically balanced  and are designed for minimum air cycling losses with CAD System to reduce the HUB size while improving the effective area for optimum uniform air delivery.

  6. Efficiency level is minimum 81% with minimum skin friction and noise thus giving operational reliability at an absolute minimum of down time.

  7. The pay back and return of investment is guaranteed well within one year. Saving assurance of min. 10% to 30% at same working conditions.


Airflow Range : 100 M3/Sec to 900 M3/Sec
Pressure Range : 20 Pascal to 1200 Pascal
Fan Speed : 90 RPM to 3000 RPM
Temperature Range : 10oC to 250oC

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